Community Conversations

In June of 2016, The Burlington Police Department hosted 4 “community conversations” regarding gun violence in Burlington.  Due to a recent increase in gun violence, the Police Department is seeking the community’s collaboration to better understand concerns, improve community safety, evaluate strategies for future action, and share appropriate details regarding the current spate of gun crimes in our community.  

Community Conversations:

At each session, the police department presented factual information about the nature and frequency of gun violence in our community.  Community members participated in feedback sessions to share their concerns and suggestions with the department. 

In addition to attending a “community conversation,” the Burlington Police Department asks residents to say something if they see something. Witnesses are asked to report emergency situations to 9-1-1. Crime tips can be submitted to the Police Department anonymously by calling Crimestoppers at (336) 229-7100.

The Police Department has released a public service announcement video to encourage the community to report criminal activity.