CDBG & HOME Subrecipient Grants

The 2020-2021 Non-Profit Subrecipient Application Cycle is now OPEN!!!

**Please view this handout about grant application guidelines BEFORE beginning the application at:  **

This application is for the following types of grants:

* Public Services

* Public Facilities Upgrades

* CHDO (Community Housing Development Organization): Rental & Homebuyer acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction; Direct financial assistance to homebuyers for CHDO-developed units

* HOME Grant Subrecipient (homeowner rehabilitation; homebuyer and rental new construction; tenant-based rental assistance)

Please keep the following in mind:

* The grant application will remain open until Friday, March 13, 2020 at 5pm --- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

* Applications will only be accepted online at:

* To start a new application, everyone needs to start a new application for Public Services Grants, regardless of what type of grant you are applying for.

* Everyone will not be funded. Our total public services allocation is capped at 15% of our total CDBG grant allocation + previous year program income (roughly a total of $80,000 for Public Services grants).

* Your application is not complete until all required documents are submitted.

* Each CDBG application will be reviewed to determine:

     - CDBG Eligibility

     - Financial Capacity/Stability

     - Project fits into the priorities set out by the Consolidated Plan

     - Innovativeness

     - Recent Problems

The CDBG applicant rating system for the first stage can be found here. Applicants will need at least 50 points to move to stage two.

* HOME Subrecipient and CHDO applicants will be rated according to HOME regulations (

     - HOME Eligibility

     - Program Complexity

     - Project Complexity

     - Capacity

     - Financial Stability

     - Past Compliance Problems