Records and Evidence


P: (336) 229-3521
F: (336) 229-3510

The Records Division is responsible for the storage of all police reports, accident reports, and special files that involve some action regarding police activity.  Persons requiring accident reports or insurance verifications pertaining to a crime report may pick up their respective report between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, or between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on Friday.

The Records Division also includes Police Service Specialists, a service that allows complaints and reports to be filed via telephone.  The phone numbers to reach our Police Service Specialists are (336) 229-3511 and (336) 229-3583.  If you wish to report a crime to the Burlington Police Department you may also do so by calling the Police Services Specialists.  These Specialists will determine if your report meets the requirements to be taken via telephone or if an officer will need to respond in person.  As always, if you need to speak to an officer or you require a police officer to respond in person one will be happy to assist.  
Electronic Police Reports
The Records Division would also like to welcome you to an electronic service. This service is available for citizen's requests that occur during or after business hours. Please click the link below if you need any of the following records sent to you electronically:
  • accident reports
  • incident reports
  • general questions
Your requested records will be sent to you the following business day.
Submit Electronic Police Report Request

The Records Division Supervisor is Darsell Hadley
(336) 229-3523.

Accident Reports are now available online
  • To receive a wreck report on-line, please access the address below and follow instructions. Traffic Reports
  • If you are having trouble determining what the Contributing Circumstances are on your accident report, click here for an explanation
  • If you have a problem accessing these reports please call (336) 229-3521.